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Jon Cranfield - Director/Senior Ecologist

Director - Jon Cranfield

Over 15 years of experience within herpetological consultancy work in the UK. Jon has extensive experience with great crested newt survey and mitigation (under relevant licenses), reptile survey/mitigation, habitat management, planning and specific advice on all the species of amphibian and reptiles found in the UK. A fully licensed surveyor for great crested newt (Class 2), smooth snake and sand lizard (Science & Education).  Jon Cranfield has extensive experience of carrying out mitigation works for great crested newts  (licensed from DEFRA and Natural England) and the widespread species of reptile (adder, grass snake, slow-worm and viviparous lizard). 

A dedicated conservationist who is a full member of the CIEEM, founder member of the Essex Amphibian & Reptile Group, member of the Hampshire Amphibian & Reptile Group, and member of the Essex Field Club.

Jon has appeared in various printed media, radio and TV involving reptiles and amphibians.

TV appearances include BBC Countryfile - adders on Mersea Island in Essex, ITV's 'Tales from the Countryside' filming reptiles in Essex.  The CBBC Live and Deadly Events in Swindon and Exeter with Steve Backshall and Naomi Wilkinson. The most recent TV appearance was on Naomi's Nightmares of Nature which involved tracking down North American Bullfrogs in Southern England. Collaboration with the BBC on their programme The Great British Year through the ARG UK network and with David Attendborough on European Water Frogs. Future projects may also include adders, non native amphibians and reptile mitigation projects with the One Show, Spring Watch and other such programmes.

Our staff are:

Ray Cranfield - Associate Ecologist/site manager for Nevendon Washland ReserveRay Cranfield - Associate Ecologist Manager

Ray has been working as an associate contractor with Herpetologic Ltd for the past 13 years. He has a good general knowledge of ecology and is often the clerk of works on the residential projects Herpetologic Ltd has worked on. Over the past few years he has been looking after a badger family, providing nesting and food materials and monitoring the activity around a purpose built artificial sett. He is also the main contact and manager for the Nevendon Washland reserve in Wickford. Carrying out habitat management, wintering bird, invertebrate, amphibian, mammal and reptile surveys for a 25 year management and monitoring agreement.